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Dream Forward helps guide and assist employees in saving for their 401(k) through their unique AI technology and user-friendly interface.
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Design Lead

Design Lead

Dream Forward's original logo needed an update because it wasn't a scalable logo and their dream catcher icon did not resonate with the industry they are in.
Original Dream Forward logo
Design Explorations:
Dream Forward's name comes from allowing people to sleep well at night in knowing that they had made informed decisions in saving for their futures. I explored imagery related to sleep: night, the moon, clouds, and stars.

The company still wanted the dream catcher incorporated in some way. I tested a version where the dream catcher would be abstract and had the lines create forward pointing arrows. Line weight was taken into consideration to such that the logo can be scaled down proportionately, which had been an issue with the original logo.
In the end, we felt the Dream Forward's logo should be a moon with lines made of arrows pointing ahead. A crescent moon shape is better recognizable as a moon compared to a full moon. 
Dream Forward Logos
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